• Rush 10/10-7 black satin jackets

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    7 black jackets with the line names, numbers, and sizes as follows:


    1) Steady Beat (size Large)

    2) Lady Day (size XL)

    3) Stage Fright (size XL)

    4) Care Bear (size 3XL)

    5) Bust-A-Rhyme (size Small)

    6) Dyno-Might (size M)

    8) Slow Motion (size XL) with Tail embroidered under the 8 as pictured

    Black satin jackets with red on white Greek letters down the right side. 

    Crest and 3 lines of embroidery underneath, over the heart.  


    line names and numbers in red on the back $279

    Rt sleeve details as pictured $154

    Left sleeve details as pictured $196

    The wording underneath the crest is the same for each jacket; it’s our collective line/ship name.