7 custom jackets for Manav


7 black buttons down windbreaker jackets with Sigma Beta Rho Greek letters down the right side (when wearing it) $280

The base color of the jacket - Black
Letters should go on the right side of the chest
The greek letter outline - White
The greek letters themselves - Red

Left chest (over the heart): Sigma Beta Rho Crest "Colored" $245

The white should be like a "bottom layer" per say where it just outlines the actual letters which all should be red. 

On the pop out collar there should be the word in Gold cursive writing. The word is "Qurbani" $42

Names on the back of the jackets followed by the number underneath them. Along with the size that corresponds to each jacket. The jackets that have "Crown" or "anchor" means that there should be a small crown or anchor next to their name on the right hand side. 
Another thing with the names, all the letters should be capital. 
The color of the name should be White
The Color of the number should be white 
Underneath the number  should have the slogan "King Kappas" embroidered in White $70

Reminisce - 55 -M  $34
Ba2ooka - 56 - L $30
$heikh - 57 - L Crown $33
M4triux - 58 - L Crown $35
Nazareth - 59 - L Crown $37
Flacko - 60 - L $28
Monument - 61 - L Anchor $37
On the right sleeve of the jacket
There should be the kappa greek letter above the school acronym WSU the color of all this should be white. $56

On the left sleeve of the jacket 
There should be the crossing year FA 19  as well as underneath the FA 19 should be all the names of the line that I just provided to you. Make these in White $203