• Custom jacket for Kesha


    Color Scheme: baby blue letter with a khaki cream border for all the letters.

    Also, is there a way to make it so that the custom graphic on the back cannot be used on any other designs (outside of mine)?

    Alpha Psi Kappa black button down windbreaker jacket 
    1. Shield (left chest)($35)
    2. Greek letters (right chest; vertical)
    3. AZ (left sleeve)($6)
    4. Fall 2006 (right sleeve and spelled out)($8)
    5. Custom Graphic (center back) also,  put “ACE" in the graphic (under left paw and aligned with the top claw on the right; black letters on baby blue background)
    6. 2 Below Zero (under graphic)($30)
    7.  KooL BrEEzE embroidered above graphic)($30)
    8. GENTLEWOMAN Embroidered (under collar)($8)