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Black crewneck sweatshirts with Pi Tau in Greek letters (blue letters with white edges) on the front, with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated shield in the center between the letters, with the sorority name around the shield in white writing. Under the letters and shield should say Widener University in white writing. 

The right sleeve of each sweat shirt will have a different crossing year and 5 out of 6 have additional wording.
Please see below for sizes and wording.
The crossing season in white writing and the wording below in royal blue writing.

1-XL right sleeve $80

Fall 2015


1-L right sleeve $80

Fall 2015


1-Med right sleeve $80

Spring 2014


1-Med right sleeve $80

Fall 2020


1-Sm $74

Spring 2019

1-L $80

Fall 2010

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