Custom Order for Sione


M purple hoodie that says "Proud daughter of Ihu'Makoa" under Sigma Lambda Gamma, with the letters in hot pink with white outline and the cursive stitching white. 

2 custom order purple hoodies for SLG:
One, size L, that says embroidered underneath "Proud gggbaby of Ihu'Makoa" in white.
Another, size M, that says embroidered underneath "Proud grandbaby of Ihu'Makoa" in white.

fourth hoodie sweatshirt:
Size: XL
Color: Purple
Letters: Sigma Lambda Gamma, hot pink white outline. 
Embroidery: "Unstoppable Upsilon Gamma Chapter" in white. 

Lastly a custom t-shirt.
Size: M
Color: Purple
Letters: hot pink with white outline
Embroidery: "Proud daughter of Ihameilani" in white. (please note...this is a different line name!)