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Crimson and Cream for Yaya


#6 (to be confirmed)

1. Black satin jacket with red and white Greek letters. Size large

2. Black pullover jacket with red on white greek letters on the front pouch. Size large

3. Black sorority vneck cardigan with red on white letters. Size large 

4. Red and white varsity cardigan with white lettering. Size large

5. Red greek lettered Crewneck sweatshirt with founding year added. White letters with black outline. Size large

6. Black Sorority hoodie with red on white letters. Size large 

7. Red sorority hoodie with black on white letters. Size large **confirm details here**

8. Black canvas tote with red on white letters


Rush order date needs to be confirmed.

Purple and old gold details for

Brother Darwin Beauvais

2nd Vice Basileus

Mu Omega

Sp14 Ace 

specific sizes needed. 

1. Purple cardigan with old gold lettering and crest with org name 

2. Purple and old gold varsity sweater with old gold on purple letters 

add number 1 to right sleeve 

3. 2 ties ; one purple with purple thread, one purple with old gold thread 

4. Award jacket. *need to clarify color of the jacket* 

Purple and old gold letters, line name and number on the back. 

5. Purple ace hoodie with old gold details. 

Block font embroidered org name underneath. 

6. Gold chapter Crewneck with purple on white lettering. Letters on left chest. 

Will want to incorporate line names, season and year, chapter and number in an add on link. This is to get the work started.