Rush 4/11 Custom cardigan order for Mark

Free Shipping!

Purple varsity cardigan with old gold stripes

Cardigan with purple on old gold greek letters down the right side (when wearing) $58.50 per sweater

Fraternity Crest over the heart with Mu Omega 100th on the top of the crest (block font)

Line name underneath the crest $45 per sweater

Greek Letters – Mu Omega on the left sleeve in red $4 per sleeve

$6 shipping per sweater
 total cost $726 with shipping included. 

Sizes and line names

  1. Large– SQRAPPY

  2. XL – HavoQ

  3. Large – SpoQ

  4. XXL –  Qong

  5. XL – Qolossus

  6. XXXL – MurdainQ- 

Needed by April 11th